Ecoplant Zero Carbon Bike Charger

No Dutch festival without a ton of bikes! Ofcourse we Dutchies like to bike, more and more people even now electrical, so one or more bike chargers on your festival is a necessary item.

We love our bikes and is the most convenient transport to bring us easy from any party to the nearest railway station. Green mobility makes us smile and will keep us happy! With fast growth of electrical mobility we need power to keep us moving! 

Ecoplant refuse the use of smelly diesel generators or grey energy which maybe will be find easy from the nearest nuclear power plant.

We will offer Ecoplant Clean Zero Carbon Energy, fresh from the sun, 24/7. Due to the plug & play you just need to connect your electric bike for a while to our well designed charger and than of you go!

Our Ecoplant solar team will be available to answer all kind of questions and  is able to offer you our best conditions and razor sharp pricing.